Il progetto BUGS

BUGS è un progetto finanziato dall’UE che ha lo scopo di mettere a punto un sistema di valutazione dei gap formativi delle aziende del settore costruzioni in campo energetico:

n cooperation with partners, Ecipa, which will lead this WP because of its expertise in the skills improvement and data analysis, will ensure the implementation of activities to gain the expected goals, namely the creation of a software for a tailor made evaluation of green skills gaps to be detected.
…More in details, the following activities will be carried out:
Firstly, referring to green jobs potential and energy efficiency, thanks to the expertise of partner’s teams, the legislative framework will be identified and analysed at European level and each partner Country will then be invited to identify and analyse its own national legislation. This study will be the legislative framework that will support the following activities.
Methods of skills data collection will be evaluated by partners in order to define a standard methodology to be applicable to companies of different dimensions and/or home Countries. At the same time will be defined, per each partner Country, the available data for the industrial system and information channels.
Guidelines that will be created will be useful to set up questionnaires/interviews to gain the needed information and to identify public data sources about companies.
In order to correctly tune the development of the analysis method, a data sample will be collected involving public bodies, firms representatives and firms.
Once the method will be standardized it will be possible to develop the data mining software.
Deep statistical analysis will be implemented (cluster analysis, decision trees, factor analysis, etc.), crossed with training experts support with the purpose of identifying patterns and any other useful information to fill the green skills gap and boost the job creation potential. This method will be developed according to quantity and quality of available data.